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Review of Therese Gesch – Realtor with Windermere Professional Partners

After a raise at work, my wife and I decided to look into purchasing our first home. One day, while we were looking at open houses, we met Therese and one of her colleagues who happened to be looking at the same ones we were. They were kind enough to take us to a couple more houses that were not open, and we were hooked from there!

Therese was really amazing to work with. She set up a consultation as quickly as possible, helped us by referring a mortgage lender, and had us looking at really great houses in the University Place and North Tacoma area. When we ended up discovering our house, she was thorough, diligent, and aggressive while working with the seller’s real estate agent and made sure we were getting into something that was maintained and cared for. She was also extremely available, and willing to let my wife and I call her constantly (even in the evening times and on weekends) to answer all of our first-time home buyer questions. She guided us thoughtfully and graciously, and we really felt as though she had our best interests at heart.

After we purchased, she has followed up with us on our new home journey, showing that she really does care about us and our housing well-being. We could not have asked for a better agent and will be referring anyone who is looking to her!

Thanks Therese!

From Derek and Izzy Hall

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From Shahram & Annika Milani